BABY BITES Emerald Grey Sleeping Bag 灰色睡袋

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98 cm x 73 cm Perfect for babies up to 18 months.


BABY BITES Emerald Grey Sleeping Bag 灰色睡袋

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Sleeping bags for fun-loving babies between 1 and 18 months who have a good sense of humour, that’s our audience. Baby Bites sleeping bags can be used both for sleeping in the crib and when going for a walk with the stroller thanks to the universal buttonholes. These buttonholes come sewn closed so that you can open the ones that best suit your stroller model using a seam ripper. The sleeping bags have a side zip so you can move the baby in and out easily.

There are two versions of the sleeping bag:

Winter  (8 TOG) with thick, snuggly inner padding, for cold temperatures (below 16°C), perfect for going outside in winter.

Summer  (2 TOG) with thinner inner padding, for warmer temperatures (16°C - 21°C), perfect for sleeping at home.

And once your little one outgrows the sleeping bag, don’t worry! You can use it to store toys or dirty clothes, to scare granny, for the cat to sleep in, and so on. Basically, it has a thousand uses!

輕量版與標準版小鯊魚材質、外型、功能、尺寸完全相同, 僅有厚薄度的不同, 標準版小鯊魚厚度約 2.5cm 左右, 輕量版小鯊魚厚度約 1.5cm 左右. 

標準版小鯊魚的功能較適合於夏天作為遊戲墊, 或夏天家裡室內空調習慣調較低、晚秋、冬、初春作為棉被, 而輕量版小鯊魚因設計較薄, 適合在晚春、夏、初秋一般風扇使用, 或習慣將空調設定為一般適溫下的情況, 冬天在沒有開暖氣的情況下, 可再加蓋一件薄被. 兩種版本可視您的當地氣溫, 家裡的空調習慣與寶寶體質來衡量。


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