Oeuf NYC is a brand from New York that specialises in eco-design. If you ask the brand's French-American designers Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan where they get their inspiration, they will answer with no hesitation that they get it from their children! Oeuf NYC furniture is intelligent, stylish and timeless: ecological materials, natural stains, a functional approach, durability and eco-friendliness. An approach that they also apply to their collection of organic clothing and accessories made in Bolivia. With a focus on fair trade and quality, this is certainly a brand that has understood what we are looking for! So it's not surprising that the Oeuf NYC Sparrow bed and the Robin bed have become must-haves for the nursery. 
美国潮牌oeuf童装,在这个秋季里,推出了2014秋冬oeuf nycbabies at home系列,采用优质的面料,设计一系列时尚又实用的童装,为儿童提供最健康舒适童装的承诺,确保每一件服饰都给予小朋友自然健康的呵护。oeuf nycbabies at home童装系列,简单、保暖是宝宝秋冬必备单品。